Private equity software and its analogs available on the market in 2021

Capital management programs make it easier for companies to manage the same capital or its assets minus its liabilities. The main purpose of such programs, in addition to capital management, is to track and manage the complex processes involved in capital issuance, control compliance, and capitalization table control. Programs are used by company financiers to centralize all capital-related activities. In this article, we will cover the best private equity software 2021. 

Carta – product review 

First on our list of reviews is Carta, because it is currently one of the most powerful tools for managing capital, stocks, and option holders, making the whole process several times easier. The program is equipped with all the tools you need to get the job done, namely handling valuation requests, monitoring investments, managing capitalization tables, and capital incentive plans. 

Despite the ability to regulate and manage such complex processes, Carta itself is quite easy to use and can track the capital of people who are not even employees of the company. Another feature of the program is that it can quickly make a valuation and still keep a third party informed about the company’s equity stake.

It is also worth mentioning that the programs are fully protected with ASC 820, which can also be found in almost every quality data room review This means that the security of the program is reliable. 

Solium Shareworks – product overview 

The main purpose of Solium Shareworks is to manage restricted stock holdings and employee stock purchase plans. With the program, this can easily be done both within your company and abroad, making it ideal for international operations. 

For employees, the program will be able to provide clear schedules for the transfer of rights, share prices, and other important events, so this is also a definite plus for them. Other features of the program include: 

  • Employee protection during a power outage
  • Selling and storing shares with auto-issue options
  • Default issue selections
  • The program has powerful analytics tools that inform shareholders about the progress of their investments
  • Easy to use -The system is easy to get used to in the shortest possible time

Gust Equity Management – product overview 

Gust Equity Management focuses on assisting with capital management. So, you no longer need to use spreadsheets and lots of other large documents to track and manage capitalization. Through the programs, shareholders will be able to review option grants, stock issues, forfeitures, vesting periods, and board approvals, eliminating the need for costly legal professionals. The provider ensures that the program has all the tools you could ever need and at the cost of litigation, you can save a lot of your costs.

Capshare – product overview 

Capshare is a very versatile platform that assists in the management of stocks, equity, dilution, and ownership interests. The platform provides users with a centralized point from which they can monitor and successfully manage capital while providing the company with important stock information. 

Space administrators have the right to restrict access to some stock information to any users. The program now has a customer base of more than 10,000 companies and they all trust and rely on this vendor for their capital management requirements. Other Capshare features include a scalable system and excellent customer service.